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Fwd: L.A. Colors FYX: Bronze, Eyes And Lips Makeup Set

Makeup - Nixx Woolery - November 22, 2018

Hold everything! We have news!  L.A. Colors FYX: Bronze, Eyes And Lips Makeup Set
will have you glowing into the new year! Trust us, we know! A quick grab and go kit, this set is perfect for all on the go divas or moms who just need to step out and shine. Each kit includes 5 pieces: 1 eyeshadow applicator, 6-colour eyeshadow compact, 2 lipglosses and bonus eyeliner pencil!
Get it NOW! Shop here:
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L.A. Colors Eye Caramba, All For Eyes Makeup Set

Makeup - Nixx Woolery - November 22, 2018

Beauty vibers!

Sultry eye looks are in for the festive season and L.A. Colors knows just how to have you turning heads with the Caramba eye kit! Easy to carry and use, this kit offers:
Pigmented eye shadow palette in a variety of shades
Both liquid and pencil eyeliners
Grab it for a friend or your makeup kit. It’s definitely a must-have!
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L.A. Colors Gift Sets

Makeup - Paula-Nicole Campbell - November 22, 2018

Looking for an easy Christmas gift option? Look no further! The L.A. Colors versatile Insta Mani and Insta Glam kits are the real deal! Jam packed with colour and excitement, these kits will make Christmas morning a little brighter! Here’s why:

Insta Glam kit includes:
1 Eyeshadow palette
1 Lipstick
1 Nail polish
1 Eye liner
1 Mascara
1 Blush
Insta Mani kit includes:
5 Nail polishes
1 Base/top coat
1 Nail decor pack
Shop early, they will go fast!
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L.A. Colors Makeover Maven 

Makeup - Paula-Nicole Campbell - November 22, 2018

Hey beauty vibers!
NEW beauty stock has arrived and it has your name written all over it!
The L.A. Colors Makeover Maven makes it oh so easy to get a flawless makeup look all in one kit! It comprises:
4 Lip glosses
2 Lip sticks
2 Lip liners
Highlighter/Bronzer/Brush Palette
Liquid and pencil liner
Eyeshadow palette and applicator brushes
It is the perfect pixie gift option for all makeup lovers and enthusiasts!
Let’s just say, you need it! Click on the image to shop online at
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Santa Hat and Christmas Makeup Trends

Makeup - - December 5, 2017

Deck the halls because ’tis the season to be jolly.  Christmas is that time of year when we can be as festive as we want without fear of judgement. Instead, we may get rounds of applause for just how decorative we can be.  One thing we can count on for each holiday occasion, is for the very talented makeup artistes around the globe to come up with very creative and innovative makeup looks.

For this Christmas season, Santa Hat Eyebrows seem to be the new trend and we’re anxious to see just how viral it will get.

Surely this fab look would be the talk of the office Christmas party or family dinner if you were to show up with these joyful brows.  All it takes is your favourite red eyeshadow and a white liquid liner and your on your way to Santa’s nice list.

Have you seen any of these other makeup trends for the Christmas season?

Do you feel festive enough to recreate these makeup looks?  Comment your thoughts below.

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Fontana Kingston welcomes Absolute New York and Max Factor X to the shelves

Makeup - - December 2, 2017

Sure we’ve all become familiar with the vast amount of amazing makeup brands Fontana Pharmacy has enlisted to help women and makeup artists across Jamaica to slay the game.  However, in the spirit of giving and welcomed new beginnings, Fontana Pharmacy has added two very renowned makeup brands to the shelves.  Can you guess what they are?

Well, I’m pretty sure the title of this post already gave it away.  But I’m hoping you’re just as or even more excited about the new addition !

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Absolute New York.

Here are some of the goodies that you’ll find.

Absolute New York’s PRO Contour Palette with its very own brief  instructional on how to contour!


HD Flawless Foundation that promises second skin finish and undetectable coverage.


Matte Lipstick in almost every range to make your outfit pop! From Bulgarian Red, Crimson and Burgundy, to Dark raspberry, Blue Purple and Dark Blue.


PRO Bronzer fitted with a guide on how to apply bronzer to suit your face shape.


Spritz 2 Fix setting spray available in a Dewy Finish or a Matte finish.


HD Flawless Universal Translucent Powder and Brightening Banana Setting Powder.

Waterproof Eye & Lip Remover so you can get fresh fast!

And as you can see there’s a tester for everything because we want to ensure that you get your perfect match before you buy.

Next, we have a lot of Max Factor X goodness coming your way.

Max factor X Display equipped with foundations, pressed powders, mascaras for volume, length and lift, lipsticks, eyeshadows for excess shimmer and a smokey eye drama kit.

Max Factor X Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation

Max Factor X Miracle Touch Skin Smoothing Foundation (pressed powder)

The goodies really are endless, and seeing is believing.  So stop in the Kingston Fontana Pharmacy branch to check out the new additions.

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Beauty trends and products we’re most thankful for

Makeup - - November 23, 2017

On this Thanksgiving Day there are so many things to be thankful for.  Life, family, good grades, good finances, love, and MAKEUP.  Makeup has come so much farther than the ole’ powders and heavy blush.  Our beauticians tell us some makeup products and trends they are most thankful for.  Here are some of their responses.


Concealer.  It’s everybody’s friend.  Thank God for concealer! For me, I don’t like when makeup is too heavy, and  I don’t have to put on my foundation too heavily because of my concealer. When I’m going on the road I can put it on my spots, under my eyes, do my brows, put on my powder and I’m gone.

I’m also thankful for mascara. Without lining the top lashes with eyeliner, mascara gives your eye that open, fresh look.

I’m happy that tinted lipgloss came about. If you don’t want the heavy matte lipstick and want to take some time off in the week for your lips to revive and replenish itself, use a tinted lipstick. Many tinted lipgloss have ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter.  So it’s like taking care of your lips while looking fab without that heaviness of lipstick.

–    Crystal


  • Highlighter.  Sure we can appreciate the natural look, but when a woman adds that swipe of highlighter, it just brightens up the face and adds a little glow.
  • Eyeshadow. Where would cut creases be without eyeshadows, and where would makeup be without cut creases?  Let’s just think about that for a little.  Eyeshadows have truly become a staple in makeup looks; even the neutral tones ones.
  • Liquid Foundation. It’s about time we did away with the dusty makeup powders that use to dominate the makeup world. When you think about it there were a lot of makeup powders that didn’t even cater to women of all complexions.  I love that liquid foundations are available in different shades and helps to add more coverage while moisturising the skin.”

–   Shauna

  • Eyeshadows. Back then eyeshadow use to take a backseat and was never really used to its fullest potential.  The shades were often dull and they use to come in a very restricted range of colours with the little Q-tip applicator.   To be honest, those dull greys and pine green shades never did women of colour much justice.  Today, eyeshadows are available in glitter, there’s a lot of shimmer, and this way women and makeup artists get to play and experiment with colours and create some really bomb looks; especially the cut crease.
  • Blush. Thank God we don’t wear it so heavily now. That’s really all that needs to be said about blushes.  Just, thank God!
  • Lipstick. Very similar to the evolution of eyeshadow, lipsticks have really come far from the regular degular red, cream lipsticks.  We now have matte lipsticks, we have glitter lipsticks and I’m really loving the development of ombré lips.”

–   Shenelle

  • Instagram brows. I’m shouting from the mountain tops how thankful I am that they’ve [women] stopped with the ‘sharpie marker’ brows.  Those were just too dark.
  • I’m really loving that makeup brands have really started catering for women of colour. This year, by far,  we’ve had a lot of brands that have ventured into darker shades of foundations.
  • I also appreciate how far makeup has come. Everyone now wants to look good. Even those who didn’t want to try it before, they now want to venture into makeup, have tried at least one item, and have fallen in love.”

–   Keneisha


  • Matte  foundations I know much like myself, many ladies out there have oily skin.  I’m so happy matte foundations were made so we don’t have to walk around looking extra oily, especially at night time events.  It’s really not cute when the camera’s flash picks up on oily skin, and it’s not always convenient to be blotting your face every minute throughout the day to get rid of excess oils.
  • Lashes. OMG! I thank God for lashes. Lashes always have a way to make the face pop, and add a lot more vibes to makeup looks.  It really helps to give a perfect finish.  Once you wear lashes, it’s really hard to appreciate a makeup look without them.  Once you go lash, you never go back.”
  • Eyebrow pencils. LOL! Can you imagine how we’d look if we had bomb cut creases, THE fullest lashes, highlighter glowing from outer space, and then … your naked or super thin, jagged eyebrows?  Kudos to those out there will naturally thick and beautifully shaped eyebrows, but I don’t have any! So Thank God for eyebrow pencils!

–   Shameka


  • Glosses. Thankful that they’re back. ‘Winter’ is coming and this is precisely the time when lips need a lot of TLC so they don’t look dried and cracked.  That’s why glosses need to be our best friend.
  • Metallic lippies. Theses have a unique way of adding oomph to beauty looks, and we’re entering the season with a lot of glitter and sparkle. CHRISTMAS!
  • Setting spray. Think about doing your best face beat.  Lashes, cut creases, contour, WINGED eyeliner, highlights and all the works.  Then you go outside for 2 seconds in the Jamaican sun and your face just melts right off and falls to the pavement right before you.  TRAGIC!  I love that setting sprays have been designed to keep makeup looking snatched !

– Samantha

Which makeup looks are you thankful for and which ones are you grateful have stopped ?  Comment below and join the fun.


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What’s the best foundation for your skin?

Makeup - - November 8, 2017

Makeup foundations come in almost every shade to help women across the globe find the right match to help them even out their skin tones and even cover up minimal blemishes. Of course, with such an important task it is only best for foundations to come in various forms to help get the job done.

Amongst the most popular types are:

Liquid foundation -this type of foundation, as the name suggests has more movement and is more ‘runny’ or ‘wet’ than the other foundation types; not too ‘runny’ as the formula is actually thick enough to be applied properly. This is because they’re largely oil or water based and does a good job at providing good coverage as well as helping to moisturize the skin. This type of foundation is best matched all skin types especially dry.

Stick – this foundation type is largely used in the theatre or for camera production since it does an excellent job at covering blemishes or dark circles. It’s heavy consistency may prove to be too much for everyday use, but would nonetheless be most suited for women with oily skin because as it dries it will quickly blend in. However, for women with dry or combination skin there is a risk that this foundation type will cause the skin to look even drier.

Powder – this foundation is often used as a fixer upper and can be used to make touch ups. As the name hints, there is no moisture provided by this foundation and is best suited for the minimalist woman who has oily skin.  The powder would soak up some of the oil on the skin. Remember, this foundation comes in loose and pressed forms.


Pressed powder                                                                                        Loose powder

Cream – This foundation type is obviously on the creamy side, and can provide moisture and great coverage for blemishes, dark circles or even minor scars due to its thick, rich and slightly oily consistency. Women with dry skin can count on cream foundations to give the skin the moisture it needs, concealing power and an overall glossed and shine finish.


You can come into any Fontana Pharmacy near you and have a consultation with any of our beauticians to help you find the perfect shade and foundation type for your unique skin type.  Have you tried any of these foundations before? Which works best for your skin? Comment below and let’s start a conversation.




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Are these the trendiest makeup looks for the season?

Makeup - - October 31, 2017

Ahh Halloween … For some, Halloween is a time to stay in, do nothing, dress up, go to costume themed parties, or simply binge watch scary movies online, eat candy and not feel guilty.

There are some people who’ll go all out to commit to their Halloween costume; and there are others who didn’t want to spend the extra cash to buy an outfit, but made extra special care to represent and go all out in with their Halloween themed makeup.

Much like the squiggly brow trend, women and makeup artists have been out here slaying the Halloween themed face art ! It’s so intriguing to look at, and process such masterpieces. I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler or freehand a circle much less to be able to apply such precision and incorporate such fine detail on the human face ! Not even paper!

For the first time in a long while I’m at a loss for words. Let’s just bask in the awesomeness that is this pixel inspired Halloween look.

Like seriously, where’d this inspiration come from ?  I’m amazed!

Wow, just looking at this makes me feel like I’m an uncreative lump, but I just can’t look away. It’s so beautiful!

Is there a YouTube tutorial for this ? Haha. I probably can’t execute something as detailed as this anyway. Why’d I even ask?

It’s gonna be a starry night because she just brought the galaxy to planet earth, and we’re here for it !

Talk about turning drab into fab. And a touch of colour and imagination really carries this conventional skull look past the boundaries.

My spidey senses are tingling and I’m pretty sure Spider-Man is proud wherever he is.

Bambi reincarnated.

Ever since the premier of IT – the evil clown inspired horror film, many makeup artists have invested some serious time to recreate the eerie clown that is Pennywise, or have pushed past limits to produce their own creative spin on it.

What do you think of these Halloween themed makeup looks?  Comment below and start the conversation.

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5 Of Our Beauticians Confess Their Makeup Nightmare

Makeup - - October 27, 2017

Women apply makeup for a variety of reasons.  We apply it to feel more confident, enhance our beauty, cover blemishes, or practice the craft among several other reasons.  But what happens when our execution isn’t as flawless as we think? We’d go about our day only to pass by a mirror and realise it wasn’t as on point as we’d thought.

Five of our beauticians here at Fontana Pharmacy shared some of their most embarrassing makeup mishaps.

“Sometimes I’d be smiling, and smiling with customers like everything is okay, and there’s lipstick on my teeth! It’s mostly with glosses and red lipstick.”


“I did my makeup once in very bright light, and of course I thought it was perfectly matched.  I felt so confident in myself.  I sometimes feel like I don’t need to look in another light to confirm if the colour is okay, and that’s a very bad thing.  So I did my face and left to go on the road, and while I was on the road there was even a case where someone said to me ‘so how yuh bleach yuh face and not your neck?’. When I actually stopped to look in a mirror, there was this horrible line of demarkation by my jawline (demarkation comes from your foundation being too bright).   My entire foundation application was so light it looked like I was bleaching.  That was a very horrible experience.”


“Whenever I’d have my eyelashes on, walking like I’m cute then someone turns to me and says ‘oh your eyelash is lifting off’. LOL. That is embarrassing!”

– Shameka

“When I just started to use creams to contour,  I didn’t blend it well. My boyfriend said it looked like I had a beard. I went on the road thinking my makeup was on fleek and on point. I’d noticed that some girls were looking at me and when I observed it … I realized it [my contour] was very harsh. I tried it recently and now it’s hot because I’m more experienced in makeup. Using a sponge won’t work with this, the brush is better.”

– Shauna

“My cream foundation shifted ! It legit moved ! It just looked horrible. There were little spots of foundation all over my face and that’s not how I left the house.  The time it took for me to leave the house and get to work it moved. I looked in the mirror, and I could see my actual skin at the crease/corner of my nose.  There was no foundation at the corner of my nose ! I never wore it ever again.  The palette is still there.”

– Crystal

Have you ever experienced a makeup mishap? Comment down below and join the conversation.

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