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Christmas gifts for her

Bright Ideas - - November 16, 2017

Christmas is in the air and so are all of the overwhelming thoughts of what to get the special people in your life for the festive occasion. This time of year particularly calls on our hearts and wallet to gift someone a present that’ll make the season all the more merrier. For some of us, we have the gift of gifting, for others, we need a little suggestive help to get the ball rolling.

Luckily for you, Fontana Pharmacy is that one stop shop and go-to for all your Christmas gifting needs.

Finding a gift for that or those special ladies in your life can be a Christmas nightmare. Women are drawn to so many different styles. From purses to perfume, makeup to money,  Pandoras to flowers, household decor and so much more – the list could be endless; because let’s be real, a woman’s taste can be just as complexed as the woman being.

Here’s a list of things you can gift your lady for the Holidays.

Perfume and lotion – Many women take pride in the fragrances they choose to ever so gracefully mist their bodies with.  One particular fan favourite for lotions and body fragrances is Bath & Body Works.  The fragrance have, in fact, become quite the collectable.


Makeup – Fontana Pharmacy has become the ladies’ hub for beauty consultations and supplies.  For this Christmas season there will be a slew of makeup products on sale; this way you can stretch your dollar farther and get more bang for your buck.  HINT HINT, she’d want items such as concealers, foundations, Pomi brushes, Pomi eyelashes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and so much more.  When you get to a Fontana Pharmacy nearest you, be sure to ask our beauticians for help to pick just the right ones.

Home Decor – A gift like this is for the decorator in your life.  Fontana Pharmacy offers a wide array of home decor options to choose from; from bath to bedroom or any other living space in the home. Help her make her dream home/room that much more of a reality.




Wine and candles – Help her to unwind after a long day’s work with an assortment of scented candles coupled with a chilled, smooth bottle of wine.  Perhaps a Barefoot Wine or Stamp of Australia Pink Moscato would do the trick.

Hair Products – Is she a natural or healthy hair enthusiast? Help her to fall even more in love with her mane by gifting her a few of her favourite or new hair care products.

Journals and diaries – Is she an organiser?  Help her put together her thoughts and tasks in one of these fashion forward and downright cute journals.

Quoted mugs – Remind her of how awesome she is and how proud you are of her even when she’s at work or on the go.  These mugs have a funny, unique, stylish and precise way of helping the both of you to express yourselves.

Photo album – A picture is worth a thousand words and printed photos are much more sentimental and outstanding.  Help her to collect all her special memories in this sleek and stylish photo album, or compile an album for her and show her how much you’ve been enjoying the journey.

Gift certificate – Perhaps you want to get her everything but you’re just not quite sure if you’d pick the right style or colour.  Give her a gift certificate charged with any amount you’d like and allow her to meet her heart’s contentment at Fontana Pharmacy.

For many more options and ranges, visit or the nearest Fontana Pharmacy outlet.  Take the time out and show her how much you care.


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VIRAL TREND!! Powder before foundation || hack or wack?

Bright Ideas, Makeup - - October 10, 2017

I know … it sounds like the makings of cake batter or some thick formula. But applying translucent powder as a base/primer for foundation has become a viral sensation.

It’s a technique used to primarily tackle oily skin, close pores, last up to hours and give an overall flawless finish. If you have naturally dry skin, this technique wouldn’t be for you since you wouldn’t have excess oils that’d need to be soaked up.

You’d begin the process by applying your moisturizer first, and then as I mentioned before, you’d follow up with a translucent powder, then foundation.

After applying the powder, it should remain untouched for a quick minute so that it has the opportunity to soak up the excess oils, especially in the T-zone areas where oil tends to accumulate.

Makeup gurus warn to use a translucent powder as opposed to a setting powder because translucent powders are much lighter. But watch out, this makeup process can be a little messy for that same reason; translucent powder is fine and loose — sorta like baby powder, which is actually another trend.

Now that we understand the general process, here’s where the controversy comes in.

It seems to be split down the middle.  Some MUA’s have commented that during the process their skin felt good, while others have reported that at the very beginning of the process their skin felt dry, tight and cracked, and didn’t make them want to continue the process.  Possibly this would be the sentiment of a person with combination skin (both dry and oily).  Applying a raw powder to a patches of skin that are drier than others may result in uneven coverage and distribution of the foundation and would cause some parts of the face to feel drier than others.

On the other hand, some makeup gurus mentioned that this process helps other products such as highlighters become more pigmented, while others say applying translucent powder first soaks up too much of the foundation so it takes longer to cover the face.

Lastly, some MUA’s claimed that their pores were visibly smaller, and that the process helped covers blemishes fairly well.  Other MUA’s however, have said that the process made their face look textured, their pores looked caked/clogged and that photos taken with flash will highlight the powder, making the face appear ghostly white.

The verdict

Fontana Pharmacy’s beautician Keneisha Bryan says this makeup technique wouldn’t be ideal for the on the go woman who may only have time for a quick face powder pat coupled lipstick or lipgloss, and needs to be out the door to conquer the world.  It also wouldn’t be a good fit for women who are minimalistic and would cringe at having to apply a lot of product, nor is it the makeup technique to use for night functions.

Have you given this technique a try?  What do you think about it? Comment below and start a conversation with us.

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Here’s why you NEED to be at Fontana for Jamaica Observer’s Take Style Out

Bright Ideas - - October 3, 2017

We’ve got to keep this short and sweet because I need you to know EXACTLY why you HAVE TO be at FONTANA PHARMACY  for Take Style Out (TSO).

TSO is scheduled for Thursday, 5 October.  However, Fontana is extending its sale until October 7.

In a nutshell TSO is that one day when stores across Jamaica give back to the consumers by offering discounts on a variety of products.  One of the company’s that’s in the business of giving back on this special night is Fontana Pharmacy.

So you know all those great products you’ve been scouring out in the aisles?  The makeup, the home decor, the hair products, the pharmaceuticals … It’s your time to go geddem!

For this night in particular you can go all out and snatch yourself some of, if not all of the products you’ve been eyeing.

Calling all makeup enthusiasts !! Makeup from brands such as ELF and L.A. Girls will be slashed by 25%!

Have you been holding out on finally redecorating that room?  Well when you get into Fontana Pharmacy PLEASE pace yourself because Bed, Bath, Kitchen and Decor are a cool 25% off!

It’s not too late for copping some back to school items because school gear is also a nice 25% off.

Christmas in October? Time to do some early Christmas shopping because toys prices are slashed by 25%!!

But remember, sale discounts will move to 20% off from October 6-7, 2017
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Inexpensive primers you’ve been sleeping on

Bright Ideas, Makeup - - September 27, 2017

Primers.  Many of us hear about it, but do we really know what it’s for?

A primer’s main purpose is to act as a base for your foundation so that it can have something to hold on to throughout the day, especially in Jamaica’s heat.

Some of the best primers out there can be a little too much for our pockets to bear, so what can we turn to instead?

  1. L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD face primer. Smooth and fill lines and pores, paraben and fragrance free, enriched with vitamin E. All for under JMD$1000? I’ll have some of that ! This product will help you achieve a smooth and flawless finish.
  2. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.  Transparent gel formula that smoothes on clear, instantly blurs the look of pores WITHOUT clogging them, refines skin’s appearance and is fragrance-free.  For under JMD$1100? PLEASE pass me one !  This pore eraser can be used alone to cover up visible pores leaving the skin looking polished and flawless, OR, as a primer for your favourite foundation.
  3. City Colour Primer.  A non-greasy formula suitable for all skin types for less than JMD$1500? Sign me up.

Rest assured that Fontana Pharmacy can be your one-stop-shop for all the products above.  Got questions?  Feel free to ask any of our beauty consultants for help finding the best product for you.




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New Squiggly Brows Trend: Are you Feelin’ It?

Bright Ideas, Makeup - - September 19, 2017

Perfectly sculpted brows have taken over the modern day era by storm.  Thread-thin brows are a screaming no-no in today’s fashion realm.  Creating the perfect brow with everything from spooly brushes to eyebrow pencils and concealer, has become a daily routine for millions of women.  I should know, I’ve seen my sister draw hers on in traffic.  Perfectly shaped brows have been around for some years now, and it’s only natural that women have begun to experiment on different techniques and styles, and have ultimately evolved the brow game.

Take a look at these wavy brows that blew up the internet last month.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the new brow craze.  Many people are annoyed the length at which the people are going with makeup art, others have a light attitude towards it and others are on the fence.

I think it’s okay if the person is doing it as a look for their youtube channel, trying out their craft or just for the fad fun of it.

HOWEVER, I’m tellin’ you, if this was to be an everyday look … I’m gonna be screamin’ and running in the opposite direction of anyone I see with it.  Can you imagine someone with those brows coming up to you asking you for directions or for a phone call?

I’m one of those person’s that’s on the fence.  It’s kinda hard to hate and argue negatively at such artistic precision but at the same time, it gives me the creeps if I look at it for more than 4 seconds.  Imagine my cringe while I wrote this article.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s photoshopped.  Check out these other eyebrow trends that’ll make you do a double take.

How about this one?

And this

But wait …  There’s more.  This image seriously acts on my trypophobia (fear of tiny holes and clusters) .  I look at this image with one eye closed and the other squinting.

How do you feel about the new trend?  Have you given it a try?  Let us know in the comments below.



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5 Beauty Tips You Need To Survive Summer ’17

Bright Ideas, Skin Care - - July 11, 2017

It’s summer time ! So you know what that means.  Bikinis, brunches, beaches and parties!  Of course, that also means the searing sun, acne flare-ups, dry skin, and chapped lips.  No need to fear.  Below are a few tips and reminders for you to consider this summer season.  LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!


  1. Coconut oil can be used as sunscreen.  Studies have shown that coconut oil has the SPF power to block up to 75% of the sun’s radiation.  This is ideal since it can keep your melanin poppin’, and goes further to give the skin loads of health benefits.  Additionally! It costs way less than sunscreen and can be used in the hair and can even be used to fry some yummy chicken legs for the family barbecue.  This product is way more than a simple 2-in-1.  It’s an everything in one.  From the pool to the family barbecue.sharon feanny coconut oil
  2. Drink more water to reduce oily skin.  The skin has certain mechanisms in place to help protect the body from bacteria and other microscopic invaders.  One of the natural protectants that the skin produces is sebum.  For some of us out there, our sebaceous glands tend to kick things into overdrive and cause ‘oily skin’.  However, before we go pointing fingers at sebum, ask yourself ‘am I drinking enough water?’  When dehydrated, the body is prompted to produce more oils, hence ‘oily skin’. Of course, this may not be the case for everyone, and some of it can actually be linked to genes.  Try to cleanse [the surface of the skin], tone [cleanse beyond the surface to the pores] and moisturise [to replenish the skin’s moisture].  Nonetheless, it’s good to chug a few glasses of water throughout the day to keep hydrated, especially in this summer sauna.
    jesse pinkman
  3. Exfoliate the lips.  That glaring summer sun …  it dries out more than just the skin.  The sun and particular dry summer atmosphere has the ability to strip the lip of its moisture, causing dry and cracked lips.  OUCH!  Don’t forget to EXFOLIATE. Fontana beautician Danielle Jones, explains that it is important to remove the dead skin from the lips to allow new growth.  Try using the Revlon Kiss lip balm as a moisturiser for the lips. P.S. look out for an upcoming review and giveaway on that. (Spoiler Alert, it smells and feels great).
  4. Jergens lotion is NOT for the face.  Yeah, I know.  I was shocked too.  Danielle warns that although the face is covered by skin, using lotion as its daily moisturiser can predispose one to breakouts, especially in the summer heat.  Try using an actual moisturiser instead.
  5. Use moisturisers with glycerin, shea butter, stearic acid or ceramides.  These ingredients are known to give rich moisture to the skin.  However, if you can’t get your hands on any of these, some good ol’ petroleum jelly will do the trick to replenish the skin’s moisture.With all these tips,  where could you go to find the right products to help you this summer? Stop by the nearest Fontana Pharmacy or visit are some of your beauty tips? Comment below and let us know!
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Gift Ideas For The Best Dad Ever

Bright Ideas - - June 16, 2017

Father’s Day is upon us …


And if you’re anything like us here at Fontana Beauty Vibes you would have already had an amazing idea put together on how to surprise the old man.  But if you’re also like 75% of the human population, time went by, and 1,000 different things have happened since you last planned the shindig.  Before you know it, it’s the day before Father’s Day and you’ve got nothing in place. So you speed down to the nearest store, cash in pocket ready to buy the old guy a pair of socks, a pack of white tees, a tie, a card and his favourite alcoholic drink. But let’s face it … This is the 5th year in a row.  Dad now has a vast collection of tube socks, white tees, and the cliché template Father’s Day cards.  So now you’re thinking ‘yeah that’s true’.  We’ll treat him to dinner instead. For crying out loud !! It’s 2017! Let’s shower dad with some new gifts that’ll set the trend for the coming 5 years.


Give him something he’s never seen or used, something that he would actually use everyday, and something that’ll make you feel proud to offer him.

Try giving him a product or two from Cantu’s Men Collection.  We all know women have been raving about Cantu, and we’ve even tried it ourselves.  Why not give dad some products of his own.  Cantu effortlessly moisturises and awakens the kinks, coils and curls in natural hair.

The Cantu Men’s Collection has: Beard Oil, 3 in 1 Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, Cleansing Pre-Shave Scrub, Smooth Shave Gel, and Gel Soothing Serum.

Cantu Men's Collection

Dad isn’t a fan of Cantu?  No worries.  The Neutrogena Men’s collection also offers an Invigorating Face Wash,  Razor Defense Shave Gel, and Face Scrub.  Help keep dad razor sharp.

Neutrogena Men's Collection

For the dads that aren’t so big on hair and skin care, try giving him other gifts that he’d appreciate.  How about a Power Bank for his phone or tablet, a stylish pocket knife, or a pair of speakers.

To really knock things out of the park, trying giving him a gift combo.  Give dad a throwback by pairing his favourite Bob Marley hit CDs with the Marley Liberate earth friendly headphones; and for the ultra-stylish dads, say I love you with Calvin Klein’s Eternity cologne, a leather Dopp wallet, topped with a dapper Father’s Day themed card.

Here are some gift ideas for the different types of dads:






































The combination could truly be endless and fitted in accordance to any budget and dad type.  Get all these products and so much more at the Fontana Pharmacy nearest you, or go online to




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Pink & Neutrals | Makeup Tutorial | -FP-

Bright Ideas, Hair, Makeup - Fontana Beauty Expert - November 25, 2015

If you haven’t heard the AMAZING news! POMI By Lyric is NOW available at Fontana Pharmacy stores ISLAND WIDE!!!!  Continue Reading

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Chocolate Bar Palette | Makeup Tutorial by Lyric Rochester

Bright Ideas, Hair, Makeup - Fontana Beauty Expert - November 25, 2015

If you haven’t heard the AMAZING news! POMI By Lyric is NOW available at Fontana Pharmacy stores ISLAND WIDE!!!! 

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All of the Mid-Day Makeup Fixes You Need to Keep Your Look Fresh

Bright Ideas, Hair, Makeup, Skin Care - Fontana Beauty Expert - August 31, 2015


All of the Mid-Day Makeup Fixes You Need to Keep Your Look Fresh

Reapply Makeup

Photo @KarlieKloss

It’s happened to us all: It’s 8 a.m. your makeup is Kardashian perfect and completely selfie-worthy. But after a long morning commute, a series of unexpected meetings, stress, spilled coffee and more stress later, it’s 2 p.m. and your makeup now resembles something from a low-budget Halloween movie.

With smudges, redness and creasing in tow, a mid-day makeup application is often a necessary evil. But let’s be real, you likely don’t have the time, patience or energy to completely re-do your entire look. On the flip side, applying more product on top of an already made up face can leave you feeling cakey, overdone and just plain uncomfortable. Thankfully, we recruited the help of celebrity makeup artist and butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes to help bring your makeup back to life.

Freshen Up Your Face

The face can be a big area of concern when re-doing makeup on the fly. Sweat, rain and other unsightly elements can be to blame for making your foundation, BB cream or concealer seem to vanish. Plus, throughout the day you’re likely touching your face, leaning on your knuckles and otherwise using your digits to destroy your makeup. If your skin sees creases or indents from your hands, try a little hydrating facial mist and gulp down a glass of water, says Hughes. “The hydration will help the skin become more neutral,” she explains of the quick skin-boosting trick.

If redness is a concern, Hughes suggests taking a damp sponge and dabbing it around the skin. “This will freshen the base makeup,” she explains. “You can then take that same sponge with your foundation and dab on the areas that need more coverage.” Tip:If applying more foundation or makeup products is a must for you, try pressing the product on only certain areas to avoid piling and caking.

But it’s not just your foundation that needs a little boost. Often times, as the day goes on, exhaustion sets in and concealer wears off. To hide afternoon dark circles, Hughes says you might actually need two products. “Many people need two different concealers but don’t know it,” she says. One concealer should be a peach shade—peach counteracts blue—used to even out the shadows that form under the eyes, and the other shade should be a similar color to your foundation, she explains. Apply the peach shade first by simply pressing the product on with your ring finger, then move on to the flesh-hued concealer. Although two products are used here, the simple combo of colors will hide any signs of fatigue and help your visage looking vibrant for the rest of the day.

Evaluate the Eyes

Nothing says you’re having a “rough day” quite like smudged eyeshadow. A little less-than-perfect shadow smudge can make your makeup look more lived in and a little grungy. Although that look might work wonders on Alexa Chung, for the rest of us, it tends to look sloppy. To quickly remove creases, Hughes suggests applying some cream shadow over the already-applied makeup. “You can then leave it or go over with powder shadow for more depth and staying power,” she adds.

A major cause of a mid-day makeup meltdown comes from eyeliner, eyeshadow’s even more rebellious younger sister. To figure out the best plan of attack for unruly liner, Hughes suggests looking at the way the liner is moved or smudged. “It may work just to add to it and create a more intense look,” she explains. (Think cat-eye or smudgy, smoky.) However, if your liner is simply not cooperating, dip a Q-Tip in some makeup remover and clean off the mistakes and then reapply as needed.

Mascara is the third component of eye makeup that can either make or break your look. If your mascara has clumped up, lost volume and curl and basically taken a beating throughout the day, you can actually revive your lashes fast—without washing off your old mascara. Reach for a lash primer to revitalize your peepers. Hughes suggests swiping on butter London Fit Lash Primer ($20) as it will re-wet the mascara, so you can add on another coat. We’re also fans of Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection ($16), which coats and separates lashes, making them appear as if you’ve applied fresh mascara. Finally, if you’re in a real tight spot, Hughes says opting for a different mascara formula altogether which can get the underlying mascara looking lively once again.

Know When to Start Fresh

Unfortunately, not everything can be saved with a quick makeup artist trick. Filled-in brows and a bold lip are two things Hughes says it’s best to just bite the bullet and start over with. “Take them off carefully with a makeup remover soaked Q-Tip, add a hint of concealer and reapply,” she says.

Although we can’t guarantee a completely meltdown-free day, we can guarantee that your makeup won’t be the cause of your stress.

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