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VIRAL TREND!! Powder before foundation || hack or wack?

Bright Ideas, Makeup - - October 10, 2017

I know … it sounds like the makings of cake batter or some thick formula. But applying translucent powder as a base/primer for foundation has become a viral sensation.

It’s a technique used to primarily tackle oily skin, close pores, last up to hours and give an overall flawless finish. If you have naturally dry skin, this technique wouldn’t be for you since you wouldn’t have excess oils that’d need to be soaked up.

You’d begin the process by applying your moisturizer first, and then as I mentioned before, you’d follow up with a translucent powder, then foundation.

After applying the powder, it should remain untouched for a quick minute so that it has the opportunity to soak up the excess oils, especially in the T-zone areas where oil tends to accumulate.

Makeup gurus warn to use a translucent powder as opposed to a setting powder because translucent powders are much lighter. But watch out, this makeup process can be a little messy for that same reason; translucent powder is fine and loose — sorta like baby powder, which is actually another trend.

Now that we understand the general process, here’s where the controversy comes in.

It seems to be split down the middle.  Some MUA’s have commented that during the process their skin felt good, while others have reported that at the very beginning of the process their skin felt dry, tight and cracked, and didn’t make them want to continue the process.  Possibly this would be the sentiment of a person with combination skin (both dry and oily).  Applying a raw powder to a patches of skin that are drier than others may result in uneven coverage and distribution of the foundation and would cause some parts of the face to feel drier than others.

On the other hand, some makeup gurus mentioned that this process helps other products such as highlighters become more pigmented, while others say applying translucent powder first soaks up too much of the foundation so it takes longer to cover the face.

Lastly, some MUA’s claimed that their pores were visibly smaller, and that the process helped covers blemishes fairly well.  Other MUA’s however, have said that the process made their face look textured, their pores looked caked/clogged and that photos taken with flash will highlight the powder, making the face appear ghostly white.

The verdict

Fontana Pharmacy’s beautician Keneisha Bryan says this makeup technique wouldn’t be ideal for the on the go woman who may only have time for a quick face powder pat coupled lipstick or lipgloss, and needs to be out the door to conquer the world.  It also wouldn’t be a good fit for women who are minimalistic and would cringe at having to apply a lot of product, nor is it the makeup technique to use for night functions.

Have you given this technique a try?  What do you think about it? Comment below and start a conversation with us.

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Pomi Brushes for a Flawless Beat

Makeup - - September 28, 2017

I’m sure we’ve all  heard the saying “a workman is only as good as his tools”right? Well that doesn’t just apply to the construction industry. These days it seems like the beauty world isn’t that much different from your local construction site since success and a great finish can depend entirely on your equipment.

Now stay with me, I’m not suggesting that you apply your foundation with a forklift truck, that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m just saying the right tools (i.e your favourite makeup brushes) can help you to achieve the kind of airbrushed finish that graces the covers of glossy magazines. If a flawless finish is what you’re after then Fontana has your back with the Pomi brush set.

Leave it to experienced and well known makeup artist Lyric Rochester to come out with a high quality yet stylish brush set that will help you create any look your heart desires  and flawlessly too I might add. The Pomi brush set features 10 rose gold and black makeup brushes:

Powder brush

Foundation brush

Contour/Blush brush

Under eye highlight brush


Concealer brush

2 blending brushes

2 eye shadow brushes


Lets get right into the specs!

1. First let me start off by saying every single one of these brushes are extremely SOFT on the face and gentle around eyes I can’t get over it but its expected since they’re made with dual fibre and natural bristles

2. Application is FLAWLESSSSS with these brushes. They all pick just the right amount of product that gives you a CONSISTENT and even base without streaky application.

3. Pomi brushes are beyond AFFORDABLE, especially since you get 10 beautiful brushes for the price.

4. MULTIPURPOSE: I know I’ve been saying the set comes with 10 brushes but to be honest its almost like you get 15 since most of the brushes can double up as other brushes.

5. You get NO SHEDDING with these brushes no matter how many times you wash them. Just let that sink in.

6. I would recommend these brushes to any beginner because you literally get ALL the brushes you in wrapped up in one big package. If that’s not BEGINNER FRIENDLY  then I don’t know what is.

Overall I would give these brushes a solid 9/10 so don’t sleep on the Pomi, head to your nearest Fontana or visit to grab one before they sell out.

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Inexpensive primers you’ve been sleeping on

Bright Ideas, Makeup - - September 27, 2017

Primers.  Many of us hear about it, but do we really know what it’s for?

A primer’s main purpose is to act as a base for your foundation so that it can have something to hold on to throughout the day, especially in Jamaica’s heat.

Some of the best primers out there can be a little too much for our pockets to bear, so what can we turn to instead?

  1. L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD face primer. Smooth and fill lines and pores, paraben and fragrance free, enriched with vitamin E. All for under JMD$1000? I’ll have some of that ! This product will help you achieve a smooth and flawless finish.
  2. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.  Transparent gel formula that smoothes on clear, instantly blurs the look of pores WITHOUT clogging them, refines skin’s appearance and is fragrance-free.  For under JMD$1100? PLEASE pass me one !  This pore eraser can be used alone to cover up visible pores leaving the skin looking polished and flawless, OR, as a primer for your favourite foundation.
  3. City Colour Primer.  A non-greasy formula suitable for all skin types for less than JMD$1500? Sign me up.

Rest assured that Fontana Pharmacy can be your one-stop-shop for all the products above.  Got questions?  Feel free to ask any of our beauty consultants for help finding the best product for you.




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NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Revlon Youth Fx: Fill + Blur Concealer

Makeup - - September 22, 2017

As women we sometimes want a little help to cover those under eye dark circles that scream ‘I just robbed myself 4 hours of sleep so I can do my late night Instagram scrolls’ or ‘I skipped sleep so that I could finish my economics assignment.’

When we scour the makeup aisle in Fontana Pharmacy looking for the perfect concealer, we’re often looking for a product that can offer the coverage without it being too heavy.  We’d want a one stop shop product; one to cover dark circles or marks, is lightweight, the right shade, can erase fine lines and help us look refreshed and new.

The team at Revlon took all these things into consideration, and created and launched a new product line: Youth FX Collection  Amidst the collection is the Fill + Blur Concealer which is available in six shades.

The user friendly product comes in a carefully thought-out click pen design with a soft applicator tip that’ll prove to be easy on the eyes, of course you are required to use your fingers to pat in and evenly distribute the product.

The formula is developed to be lightweight and hydrating so that it can easily blur lines and erase wrinkles.  In addition to creating an instantly smooth looking eye area, Revlon says that the product will stay looking fresh all day, will work harmoniously with primers and foundations, and it will not settle into lines.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, pocket sized, creamy, lightweight concealer that offers good coverage and instantly corrects dark circles; stop in to the nearest Fontana Pharmacy and pick yourself up a Revlon Youth Fx: Fill + Blur Concealer.

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L.A. Girl Pro Illuminating Foundation Review

Makeup - - September 20, 2017

Image by: Olivia via Olivia Akumu

There has been so many mixed reviews about this foundation that made me just had to try. Oily girls have advised to stay away from this product but my curiosity was way too strong to fight i just had to run into my closest Fontana and grab a bottle.

The L.A. Girl website describes the foundation as being ideal for a flawless looking, full coverage finish.  is marketed as an HD foundation which claims to be weightless, hydrating, long-wearing and illuminating. It is also paraben free  and and has added anti-oxidants that helps hydrate and improve the skin’s appearance.


The variety of this foundation didn’t surprise me one bit since everybody and their mother knows that L.A Girl doesn’t play around when it comes to shade range (i.e almost everyone’s holy grail, the L.A Girl Pro concealer). The foundation collection features a total of 15 shades plus an extra white shade that acts a lightener to mix your foundation to find the perfect shade. Now personally i think the shade range is awesome especially for us brown girls who are always on the hunt for our perfect shade match.  My shade match was somewhere between coffee and rich cocoa

(L-R) White, Beige, Warm Beige, Tan, Soft Honey, Bronze, Sand, Warm Caramel, Toast, Coffee, Rich Cocoa, Dark Chocolate


The foundation comes in a sleek plastic bottle that features a pump that is convenient and easy for dispensing. This makes it easy to control the amount of product you use each time. There has been a lot of comparisons to the Make Up Forever Foundation as they have a similar shape except for the silver ring around the MUFE one. The colour is easy to see through the transparent bottle. The bottle is made out of plastic but is durable and looks pretty. has 28ml worth of product inside


When you initially pump the foundation out its a little runny… Its not thick AT ALL, but the coverage! For being that runny of a foundation, the coverage is incredible. It almost covered all my dark spots in just one go so its definitely medium coverage that’s build able.

The finish leave a beautiful healthy glow to skin, almost like a glow from within type of look. They weren’t lying when they said it was illuminating, I mean i couldn’t stop looking at my face in the mirror, I was in love. Now bare in mind if you prefer a matte finish this foundation may not be for you but for the super oily girls like myself don’t freaked out over the term illuminating just set it really good with a loose powder and you’ll be fine and for my dry skin beauties you’ll live for this.


This has the potential to be apart of my everyday makeup routine because of its natural skin like finish not to mention the healthy glow it gives my skin. Just be advised that you will need to use a mattifying primer as a base to help control the “dewiness” and set it with a powder no matter your skin type.
The foundation applies flawlessly whether you use a sponge or a makeup brush but the best application method for me is to dab a blend with a  makeup sponge. I find that I need one and a half pump of product which is enough for my entire face and spot concealing certain areas especially my cheek and chin area to give it more coverage.
 I wouldn’t say this foundation is full coverage as described by the L.A. Girl website but is medium coverage but is very buildable.
 The longevity of the foundation is great but I do need to blot around my t-zone area especially if I don’t apply a mattifying primer/cream after about 2-3 hours. At the end of a working day, my face noticeably looks dewy and healthy but not greasy.
 In short, just get this foundation. You literally have nothing to lose because the price point is great. Find your shade at a Fontana Pharmacy closest to you or visit
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New Squiggly Brows Trend: Are you Feelin’ It?

Bright Ideas, Makeup - - September 19, 2017

Perfectly sculpted brows have taken over the modern day era by storm.  Thread-thin brows are a screaming no-no in today’s fashion realm.  Creating the perfect brow with everything from spooly brushes to eyebrow pencils and concealer, has become a daily routine for millions of women.  I should know, I’ve seen my sister draw hers on in traffic.  Perfectly shaped brows have been around for some years now, and it’s only natural that women have begun to experiment on different techniques and styles, and have ultimately evolved the brow game.

Take a look at these wavy brows that blew up the internet last month.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the new brow craze.  Many people are annoyed the length at which the people are going with makeup art, others have a light attitude towards it and others are on the fence.

I think it’s okay if the person is doing it as a look for their youtube channel, trying out their craft or just for the fad fun of it.

HOWEVER, I’m tellin’ you, if this was to be an everyday look … I’m gonna be screamin’ and running in the opposite direction of anyone I see with it.  Can you imagine someone with those brows coming up to you asking you for directions or for a phone call?

I’m one of those person’s that’s on the fence.  It’s kinda hard to hate and argue negatively at such artistic precision but at the same time, it gives me the creeps if I look at it for more than 4 seconds.  Imagine my cringe while I wrote this article.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s photoshopped.  Check out these other eyebrow trends that’ll make you do a double take.

How about this one?

And this

But wait …  There’s more.  This image seriously acts on my trypophobia (fear of tiny holes and clusters) .  I look at this image with one eye closed and the other squinting.

How do you feel about the new trend?  Have you given it a try?  Let us know in the comments below.



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Transform with Inglot at Fontana Pharmacy

Makeup - - September 18, 2017

Fontana Pharmacy exclusively launched Inglot cosmetics line at their Kingston branch with a four day testing party which ran from Wednesday September 6 to Saturday September 9.

Tami showcases four different lipstick looks during the first live stream at the Transform with Inglot four day testing party

Fontana Pharmacy is the exclusive distributor of Inglot Cosmetics in Jamaica. Inglot is widely known for its richly pigmented eyeshadows and unique Freedom System which allows users to choose their mix of shadows. In an effort to promote the beauty line, Fontana invited beauty influencers to “Transform With Inglot.”

(L-R) Shameka Brown and Sue Anne Gregg showoff their interpretation of “neutral glam”

Popular influencers such as Tami Chin, Mekelia Green, Sue Gregg and Tiffany Lawson were invited to do a “Get Ready With Me” live stream in-store all using Inglot products. The first live stream session featured make-up enthusiasts Tami Chin and make-up artist Mekelia Green who did her interpretation of “Glam”, Day two featured MUA Sue Gregg and Shameka Brown who both did a neutral glam look, Day 3 saw MUA Keneisha Bryan beating the face of Kingston and St Andrew festival queen, Daina Dyer as she transformed her look from day to night and on the final day MUA Kenesha and blogger Tiffany Lawson did their interpretation of a “Date Night” look.

Kingston and St Andrew festival queen, Daina Dyer transforms from a day to night make up look

“As a make-up enthusiast, I’ve always loved Inglot Cosmetics primarily for their super pigmented shadows that give great colour payoff. They also have a huge range of products that keep make up functional and fun. My new favourites are the  Inglot Duraline and the wide variety of highlighters. I’m super excited that we have this line available right here in Jamaica at Fontana Pharmacy” , Chin raved.

Mekelia’s Steps:

Primer – Inglot Underbase Makeup Primer
Foundation- Loreal True Match N4
Concealer – LaGirl proHD
Setting Powder – Ben Nye Banana (Sacha Buttercup powder can be used)

*Bronzer – Mac Mineralized Skin Finish

Cheekbone Glow- Inglot Sparkling Dust #1

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadows
Inglot Volumizing Mascara
Inglot Gel Liner Black #77

Inglot Liquid Lipstick


POMI by Lyric (exclusively sold at Fontana)

The most loved products  among all the ladies were the Inglot gel liners, the Inglot Sparkling dust and the freedom system eye shadow palette that had Sue Gregg shook! she expressed her surprise at how pigmented they were and how they were definitely worth the money. All the looks were well received by online viewers and customers in store who looked on as the ladies on each session laughed and conversed with each other and the followers at home all while slaying their looks.

Keneisha Bryan and Tiffany Lawson show off their flirty “Date Night” make up looks

Inglot is currently available at Fontana ‘s Kingston and Montego Bay locations. Included in the selection of Inglot cosmetics available at Fontana are the lip tint matte lipsticks, freedom system palette, eyeliner gels, sparkle dust, duraline, mascara among other products. Customers can shop confidently with the knowledge that not only are the products authentic but also affordable as they retail at the same price as in the United States where the brand is also popular. The products are also available online at


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Slay with Revlon ColorStay

Makeup - - September 13, 2017

Everyone knows that your makeup look is simply incomplete without a pair of perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Imagine beating your face with eye shadow blended to the gods, contour on ten and wing liner so precise with two untamed eyebrows… dreadful image right? I know. Luckily Fontana has you covered with the Revlon ColorStay brow pencil.


With a twist-up (no sharpening needed) design and attached spoolie brush for grooming and blending, this inexpensive brow pencil has a soft texture that allows for subtle or rich color, depending on how much pressure you apply.

The product’s thick angled tip makes outlining the brows easy and makes filling in them in a breeze. While the bristles of the brush are perfect for cleansing the brows and does a great job of brushing off the excess product

The pencil claims to be waterproof and is able to last for up to 24 hours which I’m sure us beauty junkies can appreciate in Jamaica’s humid tropical island weather. After passing the water test and it holding up throughout the day, I was shook!

Variety: The pencil is available in a variety of shades including, Soft Brown, Dark Brown, Blonde, Auburn and Soft Black. This makes it that much easier for everyone to find their perfect shade match.

Convenient: Say goodbye to the days of struggling with sharpening your brow pencils. The convenience of the twist up packaging is perfect for travelling for all my jet setter babes.

TextureThe brow pencil is soft and creamy, it isn’t waxy like some eyebrow pencils. This makes it easy to apply because you can control the application and get just the right amount of product in order to make hair like strokes to achieve a natural defined brow. This makes it so beginner friendly its almost unbelievable.

ShadeThe shade ‘Soft Black’ is not actually black, but is grey in colour which is perfect for dark black brows that gives a feathered natural look

Price: The price point is BEYOND affordable

How I use and staying powerTo use, firstly comb your brows using the brush on the other end and then use the angled brow pencil to line your brows and fill it in. After filling it in use the brush again for a well-groomed look. Then you can go in with some concealer to clean it up and viola! your brows are SNATCHED.

Overall Revlon gets a round of applause for this product so I suggest you don’t waste anymore time. Get it in store now at your nearest Fontana Pharmacy or visit us at to have your eyebrows snatched and slay with Revlon ColorStay.


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Perfect Your Pout With Milani’s Amore Mattalics

Makeup - - July 21, 2017

It’s the farthest thing from pretty and can often ruin your snatched makeup look. Dried, cracked or peeled matte lipstick can have you running for the nearest water cooler or even eyeing your coworker’s fried chicken ! – Anything to get some moisture back in your lips or some sort of grease to help you fill in the pieces of the cracked mess that’s just happened on your lips.

This type of lipstick can make or break your evening. Most times while wearing a matte lip crème you’d find yourself having to reapply, and the more you reapply is the more likely that the formula will build up on the lips, further drying them out.

Luckily! Miliani cosmetics supports all our glow-ups and has done some serious time in the lab. Their Amour Mattalics Lip Crème line was clearly created with our slay and comfort in mind.

But let me save you time of reading through heavy paragraphs to find out why you should try this matte metallic lip crème.

  1. It’s super LIGHTWEIGHT.  If you’ve tried mattes before you know it has the potential to give some unwanted weight to the lips.  With this lip crème however, you can move through your evening and totally forget it’s on.  Perfect for girls or date night: you can confidently drink, eat and laugh the night away.
  2. It’s very MOISTURISING.  Say goodbye to pruny, dry lips.  This carefully thought out formula will coat your lip with all the moisture it needs to carry you throughout your day.  No more dry lips to ruin your snatched look.
  3. It DOES NOT PEEL. I think that speaks for itself.
  4. It’s actually METALLIC.  No more promises of a metallic shine only to end up with a dull shimmer.
  5. The COLOUR POPS.  Just one or two swipes and you’re out the door.
  6. It’s LONG-LASTING. Less trips to the bathroom to apply equals more time having fun.
  7. The COLOURS RANGE. Variety is everything! Especially in lipsticks.  From nudes and browns to pinks and purples.  So many great options to choose from.  The model below is award winning MUA Keneisha Bryan and she’s rocking Raving Matte.


Most importantly, Fontana Pharmacy’s got you the PRICE hook up!

You’ll be able add some of these mesmerising metallic mattes to your lip collection at a price that won’t break the bank.  Visit the nearest Fontana Pharmacy or go to to grab one for yourself.  No more dry, cracked, chipped or peeled matte lips.



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GIVEAWAY!! Get juicy, moisturised lips this summer with revlon kiss balms

Makeup, Skin Care - - July 14, 2017

It hurts.  A LOT … when you mistakenly grin, when you lick it or even when you drink.  It’s enough to make a tear trickle down your face from time to time, and can be quite unattractive.

Chapped, cracked lips … the official sign that it’s summer or winter.


Dry lips can often make you regret all the times you took its moisture for granted.  Chapped lips are as a result of lessened humidity in the air.   This is particularly the atmosphere during winter and summer.  Studies show that prolonged exposure in the sun will heighten one’s likelihood of getting chapped lips – but that’s pretty much expected.  Additionally, because the lips do not have oil glands, persons often lick them to replenish the moisture, however, this is one of the main culprits of the dry lip problem.

But the folks over at Revlon’s got you covered.  They’re aware of the yearly struggles that the lips go through so they’ve recently introduced their Kiss Balm line.


Six tropical, fruity flavours designed to provide lasting hydration with a pop of colour.  Give your lips a coat of Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple, Tropical Coconut, Fresh Strawberry, Sweet Cherry or even Berry Burst.

I picked myself up a Crisp Apple at Fontana Pharmacy and I’m ready to tell you wassup !!

revlon crisp apple

When I removed the cover, the kaleidoscope of scents that rushed towards my nostrils reminded me of a cherry lollipop I use to eat as a child.  However, when I gave it a second whiff , the aroma overtook my senses and tantalised my nostrils with a scent very similar to the apple Jolly Rancher; forcing my taste receptors to remind itself of the sweet and sour flavour that the popular sweet would give.  If I’m being honest, I was actually moved to give it a quick lick.  Beware !! It does not have the same taste.

The fragrance doesn’t just unfold and linger in the space around you.  It transfers onto your lips so you could actually smell it on your upper lip especially.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing that’s obnoxiously loud that’ll cause you to sneeze.


When my friend had smelt it herself, and had seen me applying it; she was already sold and was anxious to get her hands on one to call her own.  One of her main concerns was the consistency.  She’s very heavy handed and wanted to know how it felt after several applications.

I must say, the product is lightweight and went on like my lip was a hot skillet and the balm was butter.  With just two swipes my lips instantly felt smooth and soft.  You could possibly forget that you’re wearing it.  Even with dozens of applications (because I tried it) it does not weigh down the lips to the point that they begin to feel numb.  It did not feel heavy or sticky and was actually rather comfortable.  The image below is about ten swipes.

Lip tester

With each swipe the hue that is deposited gets more pigmented but not to the point that it is overpowering.  It resembles the look that a lipgloss would give.  The gloss isn’t enough to blind a person who’s 1 mile away nor will it make you look like you just ate fried chicken.  Perfect for the minimalist woman – hydration and colour.  It can also couple as a base for your favourite matte lipstick.

Get Juicy, Kissable Lips this summer ’17 !

For a chance to win your favourite Revlon Kiss Lip Balm and a Revlon makeup pouch, simply comment below and name all six flavors of the Kiss balms.  Entries end on Sunday 16th at 11:59pm.  Feeling lucky? You could be one of six winners.

*This is a Jamaica ONLY giveaway*



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