L.A. Colors Gift Sets

Makeup - Paula-Nicole Campbell - November 22, 2018

Looking for an easy Christmas gift option? Look no further! The L.A. Colors versatile Insta Mani and Insta Glam kits are the real deal! Jam packed with colour and excitement, these kits will make Christmas morning a little brighter! Here’s why:

Insta Glam kit includes:
1 Eyeshadow palette
1 Lipstick
1 Nail polish
1 Eye liner
1 Mascara
1 Blush
Insta Mani kit includes:
5 Nail polishes
1 Base/top coat
1 Nail decor pack
Shop early, they will go fast!
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L.A. Colors Makeover Maven 

Makeup - Paula-Nicole Campbell - November 22, 2018

Hey beauty vibers!
NEW beauty stock has arrived and it has your name written all over it!
The L.A. Colors Makeover Maven makes it oh so easy to get a flawless makeup look all in one kit! It comprises:
4 Lip glosses
2 Lip sticks
2 Lip liners
Highlighter/Bronzer/Brush Palette
Liquid and pencil liner
Eyeshadow palette and applicator brushes
It is the perfect pixie gift option for all makeup lovers and enthusiasts!
Let’s just say, you need it! Click on the image to shop online at
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Fontana’s Project Natural was a huge success!

Hair - Paula-Nicole Campbell - July 19, 2018

Fontana recently held its inaugural staging of Project Natural at its Montego Bay location on July 29. The aim of Project Natural is to acknowledge and celebrate the natural hair community. The event was geared towards existing and potential naturals of all ages. The event showcased Fontana as the leading natural hair retailer. The event was well supported by natural hair influencers such as Vivianna Grant, Tiffany Samantha, Jessica’s Curls and Daina Dyer. The day’s activities included; discounts, giveaways, demos, instore promotions, natural hair runway and hair consultation.

There was a host of natural hair brands who participated namely; Alikay Naturals, Ettenio, TGIN Naturals, Kurlee Belle, Garnier Whole Blends, Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish, ORS, Aunt Jackies, Creme of Nature, Curl Care, Grandma Dots, Gwen Estelle Naturals, Jamaican Mango and Lime, Kera Care, Kumea’s Hair Perspective, Lady Shelly Beauty, Lotta Body, Mielle Organics, Orion, As I Am and Shea Moisture.

Marketing Administrator, Craig Wilmott-Simpson says ” We’ve heard the requests from our customers for more information and dialogue regarding natural hair and we had to respond. Fontana carries alot of products that caters to the natural hair community and it offers a space where customers can shop in confidence.”

Since the staging of this event, many customers and online fans have sinced asked Fontana where the event will be.

Let us know in the comments which branch you would like to see Project Natural next.






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