Fwd: L.A. Colors FYX: Bronze, Eyes And Lips Makeup Set

Makeup - Nixx Woolery - November 22, 2018

Hold everything! We have news!  L.A. Colors FYX: Bronze, Eyes And Lips Makeup Set
will have you glowing into the new year! Trust us, we know! A quick grab and go kit, this set is perfect for all on the go divas or moms who just need to step out and shine. Each kit includes 5 pieces: 1 eyeshadow applicator, 6-colour eyeshadow compact, 2 lipglosses and bonus eyeliner pencil!
Get it NOW! Shop here:
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L.A. Colors Eye Caramba, All For Eyes Makeup Set

Makeup - Nixx Woolery - November 22, 2018

Beauty vibers!

Sultry eye looks are in for the festive season and L.A. Colors knows just how to have you turning heads with the Caramba eye kit! Easy to carry and use, this kit offers:
Pigmented eye shadow palette in a variety of shades
Both liquid and pencil eyeliners
Grab it for a friend or your makeup kit. It’s definitely a must-have!
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Announcement! Jamaica International Beauty Expo (JIBE)

Hair - Nixx Woolery - July 19, 2018

Big things are happening in the world of beauty and makeup! We are happy to announce that Fontana Pharmacy is the platinum sponsor for the Jamaica International Beauty Expo. This year marks the inaugural staging of the event and promises to showcase the best in beauty, hair, makeup, skincare and wellness. The event is scheduled for August 10-12 at the Montego Bay Convention Center. Fontana will be an exhibitor at the event and we promise to give you discounts, giveaways and much more. Join us and JIBE with us!

It doesnt stop there because guess what? What’s better than one big announcement? Another big announcement! Fontana has partnered with JIBE to bring to you “Beautylicious.” This event will be held in Fontana Mobay on July 28th and we have so much planned for you!

Here’s a quick snapshot below of everything confirmed:

  • Discounts
  • Giveaways
  • Beauty Demos
  • Games
  • Music

Mark your calendars and come see us on on July 28th and August 10-12!

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No more dark circles!

Makeup - Nixx Woolery - February 8, 2017

Under eye circles are the biggest informants of being tired. What reason is there for everyone to know that you didn’t get enough sleep last night? So, how do you get rid of these bags and the darkness? Well, for now, I can tell you how to hide them.

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Happy New Year! Hello Spring?

Hair - Nixx Woolery - January 24, 2017

Hello there Beauty Vibers!

Happy new year!!

Am I the only one feeling like we’ve been in 2017 for a while now?! Just the other day we were popping champagne, ringing in the new year and now it’s almost spring!

The times of dark, vampy looks are almost over and I am absolutely ready to take on the bright, bold and pastels that come along with Spring. But what do we do until then? We embrace the transition!

Here are a few tips for the transition.

Liquid or cream foundation

Choose liquid or cream foundation to keep your skin moisturized! If you have oily skin, that’s not a problem, you still need to stay moisturized.

My go-to foundation now is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless. If you’re more for a Dewy look then give the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth. I have normal skin, for the most part and I tend to get oily throughout the day and this foundation set with a loose powder, like the Sacha Buttercup powder, the Mary Kay translucent powder or the Black Opal Deluxe loose setting powder, keeps me looking great throughout the day- often only getting a bit shiny towards the end of the day.

Top 4 Makeup Setting Powders


Mix up your nail polish!

Right now at Fontana you can get Pink Princess Nail Polishes for 50% off! Yes! 50% off!

This nail polish brand carries beautiful spring-ready nail polishes. Try out a few of the colours!

Nail it!


Bold and beautiful lips!

So before we even get into putting on lipstick, during this dry and cold time, we need to keep these lips moisturized. Before applying lipstick, exfoliate to get rid of any dry patches and dead skin.


Mix a little brown sugar with some honey or olive oil and apply to your lips; wipe with a wet cloth and voila! Apply a little lip moisturizer / balm and then apply your lipstick.

New Lips

Pink Princess Lipsticks are also on 50% while supplies last so you need to go get them before they run out!


These are just a few ways I’m getting ready for spring!

Share your thoughts! Comment below!





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New Lips

Skin Care - Nixx Woolery - December 12, 2016

Dry, chapped lips are the worst! No one wants crusty looking lips and I am here for you if you’re not about that life!

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Review: Black Opal Even True Conceal and Brighten Under-Eye Concealer

Makeup - Nixx Woolery - November 22, 2016

Hello loves!
Today I’ll be sharing with you my experience using the Black Opal Even True Conceal and Brighten under-eye concealer. Long name right!

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Big Chop or Transition?

Hair - Nixx Woolery - November 10, 2016

So you’ve decided to take the plunge. You’re not sure what the results will be, but you’ve decided to give it a try regardless. Not ready to jump in? Maybe you should transition?  Continue Reading

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Review: Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Clarifying Acne Masque

Skin Care - Nixx Woolery - November 2, 2016

I am a big fan of Irie Rock products, why? Because they work!

I’ve been using Irie Rock skin care products for about a year now and these products work well on my skin, so when I saw that they released a new product, I just had to give it a try!

The Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Clarifying Acne Masque is the newest product in their Tea Tree & Witch Hazel line. The masque has antiseptic and anti-acne properties that helps to “undo damage” leaving your skin looking and feeling amazing. The Glycolic and Salicylic acid work on exfoliating the skin, while the Bentonite Clay pulls impurities and detoxes the skin, leaving your skin feeling really soft.

This masque has a liquid consistency; the thing I love about the packaging of this product is the fact that it has a pump, which limits the mess usually associated with masques.

I cleanse my skin before applying the masque then apply one pump to each section of my face, smoothing the masque over my skin. Upon applying the masque I could feel my skin tingling, which I suspect is from the tea tree and witch hazel, along with the peppermint. Unfortunately this masque is harsh and I notice that effect after about a minute after applying the masque to my skin as my eyes began to water a little. This sensation lasts for a short time, after which the masque starts to dry on the skin. I leave the masque on for about 30 minutes, by this time it is dry and my face is a little tight. I then remove the masque either with warm water, rinsing it from my face or with a warm wash cloth, which easily removes all the product from the skin.

After removing the masque, my skin felt great. I believe applying this masque to a new pimple will help to dry up the area and possibly reduce any redness and swelling which may be associated with acne.

There is no fragrance added so this is not a ‘sweet smelling’ product. What you will smell is the tea tree oil and witch hazel, making this product smell quite similar to the Irie Rock Tea Tree and Witch Hazel toner.

Give it a try and let me know what you think by commenting below!


Inna di lataz,



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Clear Skin in 1 week?

Hair - Nixx Woolery - October 27, 2016

Hello Beauty Vibers!

Skin care and health is very important to me. Recently, I had a few breakouts in my problem area, which is my right cheek, and for some reason, I went and squeezed and irritated the area, which left me with a lot of dark spots.

I was given the AriClearSkin Acne Treatment System line and because I haven’t used the entire line together, I decided to give it a try. For one week, I included these products into my skin care regimen and consistently used the products to see how they would work and if they would remove the spots.

Personally, I’m not a fan of sulfur and given that I’m not having an acne problem, but a dark spot problem, I decided to use the AriBriteTone cleansing bar instead of using the AriSulfur bar which comes in the acne system.

Unfortunately, I did not document my time using the products, so I will not be able to show you my results. As I said before, I incorporated the Ari products into my regimen, so they were not the only products used, but I replaced many of my usual products with the Ari products. The great thing about this is it is just four steps and it doesn’t take too long.


  1. Cleanse: I cleanse my face with my favourite cleanser, which is the Irie Rock Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Scrub, just to wash away any makeup or dirt on my skin. This is not something you need to do, this is just my preference. I then follow up with the AriBriteTone bar which I apply to my face as usual then I use a spin brush to wash my face. If you don’t have a spin brush, that’s fine. When you purchase the regular size bar soap you get a cleansing sponge which will work well.
  2. Tone: I apply the AriToner after cleansing to remove anything that may have remained on my skin after cleansing. This toner closes the pores and brightens the skin. I put the toner on to a cotton pad and then apply to my skin, concentrating on my cheeks.
  3. Moisturize: After cleansing and applying the toner I apply this lightweight moisturizer and work it into my face, just like I would any other moisturizer.
  4. Spot treatment: Dab just a little of the spot treatment onto the spots. This is a bit concentrated, so you don’t need to use a lot.

I started to see results two days after I started using these products consistently. The spots started to fade and my skin just looked brighter, not lighter, but brighter. I have a little bit of discolouration and I’ve seen where that is minimized and my skin looks clearer. There were a few spots on my forehead and my left cheek which were barely noticeable which are now gone and the spots on my right cheek are almost gone, will probably be gone by the end of the week.

Please note that results will vary. Using the products consistently has definitely contributed greatly to my results. During my time using the products, I did not make any significant changes to my diet or water intake, nor was I taking any medication.

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Lickle more,



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